Friday, May 4, 2012

Green With Envy

The daughter of a colleague of mine spent a year writing a sci-fi book but couldn't interest an agent. She was all set to give up on writing but then had an idea for a romance, sat down and wrote it in two months, and sent out some queries. She almost immediately got offers from three agents.
UPDATE: It turned into offers from five agents, and they fought over her. She picked the one whom she thought would be best for her. Lucky kid!


Ariel said...

First of all, anyone who would give up on writing because they couldn't immediately get an agent isn't a writer.
Second, she might be better at writing a romance than sci-fi.
Third, ultimately, it's all market driven so the romance was seen as marketable.

Roland said...

I find this encouraging. Thanks.


It wasn't luck. It was choosing to be savvy.

Dawn Simon said...

Wow, what a talented young lady! It's great that she didn't give up, and she tried a new approach! :)

petemorin said...

Yeah, I don't understand the "all set to give up on writing" thing. First shot out of the box? Good thing she changed her mind.