Friday, February 17, 2017

Now, Screenwriting

I recently completed my first screenplay, "Double Trouble." It's a crime drama, and you can read the first scene by clicking on the third page of this blog. I envision it as a made-for-TV movie myself -- or did, as I was writing it -- but will defer to the expertise of others.

Of course, as any neophyte screenwriter knows, getting your screenplay in front of an agent or producer, much less selling it, is a near-impossible task. But we shall not be defeated! If I learn any tips along the way, I'll pass them on.

One thing I won't do is pay some site to "host" my script so eager Hollywood eyeballs can take a gander. Perhaps those eyeballs are numerous, and perhaps they're movers and shakers in the film industry, but I doubt it.

Nor will I enter the script in any contest. It's just not the kind of screenplay to win any awards. (The one I'm now getting started on ... perhaps.) It's a fairly straightforward crime drama with one exception -- a unique and original premise. (Really.)

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