Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Script Revolution

I posted "Double Trouble" to the Script Revolution website today. Essentially, it does what sites like The Black List do -- allow screenwriters to post their material, allow agents and producers to peruse them -- but for free.

As horrid as the process of selling a script is for those not already plugged into the Hollywood scene, I refuse to pay someone as part of flogging my screenplay. On principle, and because you never know what's a scam and what isn't.

On the other hand, a place that charges nothing should be OK, right?

But...I had to wonder -- cynic that I am -- how are the folks behind Script Revolution paying for the site? What's their angle? My suspicions about any website are legion. There's always a way to make money from getting people to sign on for free. Selling email addresses, collecting data. And so on.

However, as best as I could tell from the internet sleuthing I did, nothing suggests Script Revolution is anything other than what it claims to be.

It's hard to know how useful the site is -- but given how hard it is to get someone to even look at a movie script, well . . . what the hell, right?

As it stands now, after about 350 queries, I managed to get 4-5 producers (can't remember, exactly) to request the whole script.

It's a crazy system.

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